Obasola Bamigbola's passion for photography was borne out of love for images, with special interest in People, Places and Culture.

Obasola's love for documentary and reportage photography was first exhibited in 2001 when he traveled to Jebba, Kwara State, Nigeria with a borrowed film camera to photograph Mongo Park's tomb. Earlier in 1998 he had access to a photographer's dark room and the opportunity to hold a professional camera for the first time.

In 2012, Obasola began to acquire more knowledge of digital photography. Thereafter, he engaged in lots of personal development till he began internet correspondences with a Canadian based photographer and graphic artist, Christopher James, who gave him his first sets of photography books.

Born in Iba, Osun State, Obasola lives and works out of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria, but his career has taken him to several countries and his works have reached international audiences.

He began to bring to the art of photography various personalities, capturing the moments more so with an act of charity, to create great physical, material and emotional joy.

Obasola started a photography-related project, ’GACAB- Give A Child A Book’ in 2013. An annual photowalk in the company of various personalities, as well as other photographer friends and NGOs. Going to selected communities to discover out-of-school children and encourage them to go to school by giving them books and stationery.

Obasola strongly believes a photographer’s role in the society is to reshaping the world with the ability to see what others can’t, by using his skills for social change.
In 2014, two of Obasola's photographs were selected among the ten winning photographs of the Reading Bridges Magazine Images for Change. In 2016, Obasola won the Cultural Lens of the Youth Assembly at United Nations.

He also won the 2016 State Of The Union(SOTU)-Africa Rising photography competition.