LIMITLESS- Living Beyond Disabilities

'Limitless-Living Beyond Disabilities' is a continuous project set to identify with the physically challenged in the society who are using their skills, talents and knowledge for personal and societal growth. The aim of this project is to encourage others in this category to project beyond their physical challenges. It is a major belief in this part of the world that, anyone with a special need can only survive by begging for alms and our system neither accommodates nor supports these individuals. Over the years, I have been privileged to relate closely with members of Joint National Association of Persons with Disability (JONAPWD) and discovered that a lot of them have remarkable talents, ideas, potentials and skills especially in the area of sports. All over the world today, Paralympics athletes are celebrated for their various impacts and contributions in sports. We also see these same physically challenged individuals break records in various sectors of our society-Media, Academics, Administrative, Entrepreneurial, Music, Art, ICT and Politics.